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Scrubber suction filters

The pollutant to be treated is conveyed, through collectors, to the entrance of a system of Venturi pipes inside which there are nozzles, fed by vertical polypropylene pumps, suitable for mixing, with a high percentage, the gas to be treated with the reagent solution. The venturi also have the advantage of creating, at their entrance, a natural depression that limits the load losses of the system. After passing through the venturi, the air to be purified enters the tower and passes through a static bed of rasching rings, continuously sprayed by a large quantity of water (via nozzles), from the vertical pumps. The rasching rings have the purpose of increasing the contact surface between smoke and reagent liquid. Beyond the contact surface, the useful time during which the polluting parts are exposed to the action of washing is very important; for this an adequate volume of the tower is essential, such as to guarantee the time of at least 2 seconds during which the smoke is forced under a “shower” with an intensity of 18m³ / h per square meter of tower section. After the washing phase just described, the air is to be considered washed, but it is full of humidity.